ClickMagick: How to Track Email Sales (How to Pass a Click ID Through Emails)

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In this video, I cover how to pass a click ID through your emails so that irrespective of how your users open the emails, they will open the link you provide them with their click ID stored and when you make the sale, that sale will be attributed back to the very first link that was clicked.

This video assumes that you have already watched the previous video on passing a click ID through an optin form, since I will be going over these parts as the steps are the same without explaining them this time, and rather just adding a few extra steps instead.

Here is that video again in case you haven’t watched it:

So there are several things we need to do on top of what I cover in that previous video.

First off, we need to add a custom field to our autoresponder so that when users enter their name/email or whatever else you want them to type in, the click ID that is generated when they land on the page is also stored. Thus, if they then open an email from another device that doesn’t have those previous cookies stored, the click ID that is instead stored in your autoresponder would be autofilled.

So I am using GetResponse in this case, so I went into Contacts and then ‘custom fields’ and created a custom field for the click ID. This is that field that we need to add to he end of our tracking link in our autoresponder as well as our custom form that we create.

Now that we have done that, we need to generate that form code that we would attach inside of ClickFunnels so that when users actually enter their email, the click ID as a hidden field will also be ‘entered’.

For this, I went into the ‘custom form’ section of GetResponse and created the same type of form as I did in the previous video. The only difference is that here I also selected the ‘click’ custom field from the bottom and that field now became generated in the ClickFunnels form.

Also don’t forget to enter the URL of the thank you page here with the Sub-ID token [s1] passing through as well as adding people to ‘cycle day 0’ when subscribing.

Now that you have done that, simply copy this whole code and paste it into the ClickFunnels integration setting. You would need to make sure though that the thank you page URL has the ‘s1=[s1]’ at the end so the click ID is successfully passed through from landing page to thank you page, since you weren’t able to update that part in GetResponse (due to limited space given).

Also, make sure to add the correct name for the click ID custom field that was added (clickid was the name in my case) and for the value, make sure to add [s1].

After this, click ‘parse & save web form’ and save your ClickFunnels page.

You are now good to go on the integration component.

The last thing you need to do is to now make sure that you added the custom field token to the end of your tracking link in your autoresponder.

So if your tracking link used in the email is ‘’, you would need to enter ‘[[yourcustomfieldname]] instead, so that the name of that click ID custom field that you created shows up here.

Once you do that, you should be completely done. Oh, and make sure you have the Javascript code added to both your landing page and thank you page, otherwise it won’t work.

To test it, simply click on your ClickMagick tracking link for your landing page, enter your email, and then check that email through any device you want to. You can even open a new browser and check the email there in case you want to just check it on your current computer.

You should see that the click ID value should be there, and if you click on it, the click ID should be passed on to that next page, allowing you to track sales via emails.

That’s it!

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