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5 Most Commonly Used Autoresponder Features

by Ivan

Hey everyone!

So in one of our previous posts, we briefly setup our autoresponder sequence as I just showed you guys how to set them up so that your subscribers can automatically get emails you pre-write.

In this post, I wanted to just show you the 5 most commonly used features inside an individual autoresponder that you can utilize to increase your sales.


There are many features GetResponse has, but these are probably the most likely features you will need to use when setting up your email sequence.

They are:

1) Changing email pixel size width and text background color – depending on who receives your email and whether its via phone or desktop, you will need to adjust the size of your email so that it doesn’t seem too narrow or too broad for your audience. I recommend having the settings anywhere from 500-750px, with the default being 600xp. This allows your autoresponders on GetResponse to look good no matter the medium through which they are looked at.

2) Changing overall email background color or picture and customization options – depending on how you want to send your emails across, you should know how to input your background picture and change the color. If you are sending emails to your subscribers, I would recommend not having any pictures or background at all to make the autoresponders more personal. In the case of a one-time newsletter however, maybe it would make sense to design your email with a nice background and a little cake picture if sending out for a birthday.

3) Adjusting text and picture size and spacing – one of the most important features to be able to control. You need to send the email to yourself and make sure that the font size is not too big and not too small. I unfortunately sometimes go through the hassle of playing with my font size and spacing since the text looks tiny on phone, and big on computer, or vice versa. You should at least know how to adjust this!

4) Attaching your link in your text – there is no point for autoresponders without this. If you don’t have links to your product, then what are you doing spending time emailing strangers? He-he. But you need to be able to insert the links into your email body so that people can actually click on the link after receiving your emails and taking your advice.

5) Adding a button and playing around with its customization options – this just allows you to make your ‘link’ prettier by being in the form of a button. But being able to play with it and customize it is also important to know how to do!

Some very simple features, but can be overwhelming if you are new to GetResponse and just starting out writing your emails.

I would also recommend checking out Miles Beckler’s channel and his video on autoresponder content, which you can see here:

as him and his wife Melanie talk about what the content of your autoresponders should be and why it will get you more sales in the end!

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