Bing Ads: How to Optimize and Narrow Down Your Audience

Where to gather data about your audience: 0:23

Optimizing your campaign based on the data: 2:47

Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to optimize and narrow down your audience in Bing Ads by using the Reports and Dimensions tabs.

These tabs allow you to get a ton of information about your clicks – user location, device used, age, gender, etc…

For example, what locations are getting us incredibly low cost conversions and what times are the best? If a certain location or time is getting us an incredibly low conversion rate, then perhaps it is time to move on and either make our promotion appeal to people in that category, or remove it entirely.

Something incredibly useful is also looking at your search terms in Bing Ads. This tells us what the users typed in to see our ad. Was their search query at least somewhat related to what our offer is about? This is one of the downsides with ‘broad’ match type, in that users may type in something completely unrelated and it will trigger your ad, and will land a click… for which you pay for… which reduces your ROI. You can either change the match type, maybe to a broad match modifier as we have discussed in a previous post, or input a bunch of negative keywords… and keep putting them in as new search results come up to make sure that unrelated search terms don’t trigger your ad and force you to pay up with the click.

Under the ‘reports’ tab in Bing Ads, you can see the same information as you would under ‘dimensions’. In this case, you would just select the exact piece of information you want to track. So if I want to see the gender and age of people who clicked my ads, I would just select those from Bing and request the results to be uploaded.

These tools allow you to fine-tune your campaigns and make sure that you are targeting the right audience. Remember, you can sell snow to an eskimo who is located in Africa… so make sure you find that eskimo who is in dire need of your product and ready to buy at any price!

After you do that, you will now need to simply head over to the campaign you want to change the settings for, click on ‘settings’ and adjust the bid for each individual aspect you want changed. So if you want to reduce visibility of your ads for males, you can decrease the bid for males by x%. You would repeat the process and do the exact same thing for location, age, mobile device etc… until you are only spending money on clicks that are generating you the best results!

That’s it!

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