ClickMagick: How to Easily Direct Link Affiliate Products on Bing Without Getting Disapproved

Hey all! In this video, I show you how to direct link affiliate products (MaxBounty, ClickBank, PeerFly, etc…) on Bing ads using ClickMagick without having your ads disapproved. Obviously if you have your own landing page and are sending people to the affiliate offer page afterwards, you should have no problems doing that at all. The issue arises when you are trying to direct link and Bing is telling you that there is a URL mismatch or whatnot and you are forced to create a landing page. It’s great having landing pages, but sometimes we are so lazy that we Continue Reading →

ClickMagick: How to Pass a Click-ID Through Your Landing Page

  Hey all! In this video, I show you how to set up your landing page so that you can pass the click ID through from your landing page all the way to the affiliate offer. This specific video is about landing pages, not to be confused with optin pages, which also contain an email submit form. I will cover how to pass the click ID through an email optin page in the next video, but in this video, I am just referring to a page that you own that takes people from your page to the affiliate offer without Continue Reading →