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Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads: Don’t Want to Make a Video? Make a Slideshow Instead (Cool Alternative)! In this video, I show you how to create a Facebook slideshow ad!

Facebook Ads: How to Use Someone Else’s Video as an Ad If You Don’t Want to Make Your Own In this video, I show you a neat little trick that allows you to make a Facebook ad from a picture or video that was put up by someone else.

Facebook Ads: How to Make a Video Views Campaign In this video, I guide you step-by-step as we create a Facebook video views campaign ad.

Facebook Ads: What Happened to Affinity Score and How to Do the Research Now In this video, I show you what happened with the affinity score tool inside of audience insights in Facebook and what the walkaround to it is when doing research!

Facebook Ads: 2 Ways to Make Sure Your Ad Image Meets the 20% Text Requirements In this video, I show you how to ensure your facebook ad images are within the 20% text rule using 2 tools!

What Is a Lookalike Audience and How to Set One Up In this video, I tell you what a lookalike Facebook audience is and how to set one up inside of your Facebook Ads Manager!

How to Create a Remarketing Audience In this video, I show you how to create a remarketing audience inside of your Facebook Ads!

How to Create a Conversion Objective Campaign If You Don’t Have Page Control In this video, I show you how to create a conversion objective Facebook campaign if you don't have control of the page following your lead page!

How to Spy on Your Competitors In this video, I show you the two ways I use to track my competitors' ads!

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