ClickFunnels: How to Add a Facebook Pixel to Your Survey

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What’s up?!

In this video, I show you how to place the Facebook pixel onto your ClickFunnels survey. In our previous post, we covered how to make a survey on your ClickFunnels account, but didn’t go over the ‘triggers’ part, and that’s exactly what this video is about.

The ‘triggers’ tab allows you to place your Facebook pixel on a particular survey response, so that when someone answers a particular answer on your survey, that data will be stored on Facebook and you can create an entire audience from that!

The first thing you will to do is head over to Facebook and go to your pixels tab. If you haven’t seen my previous video on setting up a Facebook pixel, you can check it out here. That 15-minute video should cover everything you need to know about setting up the Facebook pixel on your pages.

But what you would need to do is grab the main pixel code and place it in the header of the funnel you have the survey on. Just go to the main ‘settings’ tab of your funnel and put the pixel in the header – this should automatically place the Facebook pixel on all of your funnel pages.

Now that you have done that, you can go back to your ClickFunnels survey, go to the ‘triggers’ tab, and turn on the Facebook pixel. Then make a name that you would like to have for your audience, ideally corresponding to the option they selected on the survey. So if I am placing my pixel on the answer ‘apples’, then maybe I would name this trigger ‘apple audience’ or something along those lines.

That is pretty much it for the ClickFunnels survey part. Now we need to go back to our Facebook page and refresh our pixel page a few times. A new pixel event called ‘cfSurvey’ should show up. It may or may not show activity, so if it doesn’t yet, just refresh your ClickFunnels page and select the corresponding answer a few times. Your Facebook event should now trigger.

After it triggered, you can now create an audience. Click on ‘custom audience’, then ‘custom combination’, select the dropdown ‘event’, and choose ‘name’ as the event. You will then need to place the exact name of the event you wrote down before (like we said, apple audience), and create your new Facebook audience name. You can select to gather data up to 180 days from the past, but if you didn’t have this survey and Facebook pixel active in the past, this won’t matter.

After you finish all this, you can create your audience and repeat the exact same process for all of your other survey options you want to have tracked! When you actually do decide to target these audiences, you can select them from the ‘audience’ section in the ad set level of your ads.

That’s it!

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