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ClickMagick: How to Easily Direct Link Affiliate Products on Bing Without Getting Disapproved

by Ivan

Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to direct link affiliate products (MaxBounty, ClickBank, PeerFly, etc…) on Bing ads using ClickMagick without having your ads disapproved.

Obviously if you have your own landing page and are sending people to the affiliate offer page afterwards, you should have no problems doing that at all.

The issue arises when you are trying to direct link and Bing is telling you that there is a URL mismatch or whatnot and you are forced to create a landing page.

It’s great having landing pages, but sometimes we are so lazy that we prefer to just direct link.

So, if you are using ClickMagick to promote on Bing, there are a few myths I want to bust first…

1) You do NOT need a custom domain in order to promote on Bing.

It’s great having custom domains for many reasons, but users on Bing will never even see your tracking link, so there is really no point in having one for Bing specifically.

You can just use the ClickMagick default one (www.clkmg.com) and use that as your tracking link.

It will take much less work on your end and the results would be 100% the same.

2) You do NOT need to cloak your custom domain (if you choose to get one) or the ClickMagick default domain (www.clkmg.com).

In fact, cloaking will probably get you into more trouble than if you don’t – Bing will find all kinds of destination mismatch errors and the like and it’s just better to stay away from it entirely for Bing. You really don’t need it.

3) You do NOT need to create a ‘redirect’ path in your domain registrar linking your custom domain (if you choose to get one) to your affiliate offer.

All that is already done for you with ClickMagick, so why go through the extra effort?

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s move on to Bing.

First off, I’m assuming you already have a tracking link ready in ClickMagick where you put in your affiliate link in the primary URL and generated a tracking link out of it that looks like ‘www.clkmg.com/username/etc’.

On Bing, all you need to do is input THAT tracking link into the ‘tracking template’ and add the additional tokens you want to use to track keywords, etc… I cover that in this video (video 17 in the playlist):

Now what you put into the final URL is the catch – you need to put the exact URL that the user sees upon landing on your affiliate link. Do NOT enter your affiliate link directly into the final URL field.

So if upon clicking on your affiliate link the user lands upon a site that says ‘www.3weekdiet.com’, then you just need to add that exact URL to the ‘final URL’ field inside of Bing.

Don’t worry – you will still get credit for the sale because when users click on your site through Bing search results, they click on the tracking link, NOT the final URL.

And your tracking link redirects users to your affiliate link.

That’s pretty much all!

Just make sure that you have the auto-tagging feature disabled under your account settings as well as the shared library area, and that you have nothing in the campaign level tracking template. You only need the tracking template for each individual ad level, not the campaign level

That’s it!

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deepak gill April 28, 2018 - 7:54 am

hi, i really like you stuff one thing i want to know by udemy course, can i started earning money ? with maxbounty and clickbank bro please help.I am bit confused i tried your technique but bing disapprove URL mismatch.If you can i can mail you.if this problem resolves i will be able to make trust on you and i ready purchase it.

Ivan April 28, 2018 - 3:32 pm

Hi Deepak.

Sorry to hear that your ads being disapproved.

It must have something to do with the website content itself rather than the way in which you put the ads up.

If you want, send me a message on my Facebook group so I can take at your ad and see if I can figure out why it was disapproved, or message me on YouTube.

My Udemy course will help you how to track and therefore make the most out of your website/funnel and thus make money.

But I do not show how to specifically make money with the tracking, that is just something that you would have to do on your own after learning the tracking mechanics.

Hope that helped,


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