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ClickMagick: How to Use ClickMagick Campaigns With Google Ads

by Ivan

Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to use your newly-created ClickMagick Campaigns with Google Ads.

If you still haven’t created your campaigns in ClickMagick, I strongly suggest you check out that previous video first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5A56mkHDd4

That way, you will know how to actually create the ClickMagick Campaigns before promoting it on Google Ads.

If you do know how to create these campaigns and are ready to get started, then follow along with me in this video and let’s get started!

(1) Before we start pasting any links inside of Google Ads, we need to turn auto-tagging on.

This is done by going to your account, clicking on “Settings”, and selecting “Account Settings”.

Look for the “Auto-Tagging” tab (should be 2nd from the very top) and just make sure it’s set to “on”.

That’s pretty much for the preparation part – now we can actually add our new link inside of Google Ads.

(2) Assuming you already created your ClickMagick Campaigns link, take just the part of the finished URL which comes after the “?” in your completed link and paste it in the tracking template field of Google Ads.

Now you might be asking where that is, and there are really 3 places where you can paste this link.

They are:

a) tracking template at the account-level. Go back to where we turned auto-tagging on.

The FIRST option here from the top is the tracking template.

If you want to add the tracking template here, you would just enter it to this part and it would add these tracking parameters into all of your links in the account, regardless of campaign or ads that you are running.

b) you can add the tracking template at the campaign level.

Simply select the campaign you want to add the template to, click on “additional settings” and add the query strings you copied into the tracking template here.

c) you can add the tracking template at the ad level.

If you have different tokens and parameters you want to track for every single ad/ad group, then this is probably where you would want to add these parameters/tokens that you copied from your ClickMagick Campaigns link.

That being said, when you add the string of tokens and parameters at the campaign and ad level, you can “test” the URL to determine if everything is in place and works.

(3) That’s where we arrive at the last part.

After you enter the tracking template link, just make sure you add {lpurl}? just before whatever you pasted.

This stands for “landing page URL” and is basically just the short-hand version of your entire URL.

Once you do that and are satisfied with the link you added, make sure to hit “Test”.

This will tell you whether the URL is found and you added all the tokens correctly.

If it says “Landing Page Found”, you are in good shape, but just hover over the full URL to make sure that the tokens you added are correct.

If there is a blank space after any given token that you added, that means you did everything correctly and they will be pre-populated as clicks come in.

For example if you added {keyword} and it shows {keyword}: when you hover over your URL, then that’s right – the {keyword} will be replaced with the actual keyword that triggered when the user clicked on your ad.

The same applies to other tokens, like {querystring} (moreso for Microsoft Ads} or {network}.

That’s it!

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ClickMagick playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZEkCaZSIJA&list=PLS46f4aLJ2hMFW0iuLowIfpQ0H-Tf4ion

Google Ads tracking tokens article: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/6305348

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