Convert Every Click by Benji Rabhan – Summary/Review

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Hey all!

In this video, I wanted to provide you with my summary/review on the book ‘Convert Every Click’ by Benji Rabhan.

The book provides several ideas and strategies for ‘converting every click’, AKA maximizing conversions to your website through something called ‘holistic conversation rate optimization’, meaning not only focusing on conversion rates on any one page or front in your business, but in your business AS A WHOLE – which MAY mean decreasing conversions at certain points in your funnel.

For example, you can decrease sign-ups to your landing page (which is a conversion/lead), but increase sales generated overall for your business.


Maybe you will attract leads that are more SERIOUS than the ones you attracted to sign up before.

Here are some of the specific things the book covers:

– Conversion-centric design and copywriting

Big focus on Universal Conversion Logic – there is no specific thing or color or location, etc… that will increase your conversions – every change will have a different effect on everyone – so you need to understand the logic behind what makes customers convert rather than memorizing that a ‘blue button works better than a red one’.

So we need 3 factors to make visitors convert, which the visitors judge instantaneously:




A few tips to help increase conversions:

-Keep the most important/interesting stuff above the fold

-Use colors and contrast to make your most important features of the site stand out – use eye-blur technique to evaluate your site

-Use eyelines for easier reading

-Treat each foldpage like a separate page

-Write to your customers in a ‘customer-centric’ approach – don’t focus on how good YOU are, but what the customer will get, and with each client a different timing/message (don’t send emails every 1st of the month to make it easier for you, but maybe once a month AFTER a customer signs up).

– Video conversion tips and strategies:

1.Don’t limit yourself to one style of video – try making animations, live videos, screenshots, PowerPoint slides, etc…

2.Use video testimonials on your site

3.Try to add a live call to action button on your video, but at the very least be sure to remind people to take an action

4.Custom video thumbnails known to perform better than default thumbnails (compared all Wistia-hosted videos in November of 2012 and found that videos with a custom thumbnail had a 9 percentage point play rate increase over non custom – was a 25-34% difference)

5.Explain why the user should hit play to watch your video

– Different website style conversion strategies

4 different website styles Benji talks about:

1.Landing pages – keep in mind what geographic location your customers are coming from; don’t force landing pages to stand alone; don’t think of yourself as the customer – gather data and information through testing before making definitive decisions.

2.Standard websites – make a simple and easy navigation – don’t complicate things for your prospect and always have a selling goal in mind on every page; have an exit strategy – make it clear to the visitor what the next step is, maybe with a call to action; don’t waste space above the fold.

3.Shopping cart sites – don’t be creative at the cost of simplicity and tradition; add associated products and upsells (remember our funnels talks!); stay focused and be specific on the goal – adding to cart and purchasing.

4.Mobile websites – the book was published in 2013 stressing importance of mobile websites – it is more important today than ever as mobile device usage has drastically increased; you don’t need a complicated mobile website – a simple company logo with basic information and phone number on the front page can suffice; don’t forget mobile doesn’t ONLY include phones.

My review:

Although the book has a few good ideas, I would not recommend it for anyone who has been doing online marketing for at least a few months because you will most likely know most of the stuff in the book.

I learned most of the stuff taught in the book online myself after several weeks of online marketing.

Book doesn’t have any specific points – it gets the most specific when it says ‘this may work, but you should test it!’ – again, I know that already.

With online marketing becoming more and more popular, information in this book is now freely available online.

If you are a total beginner in online marketing, this book may work for you so you learn some basic concepts.

But some things like the importance of split testing, having a mobile design, follow-up marketing you learn about just by doing online marketing yourself.

I have been doing online marketing for 5 months now and didn’t really learn anything new from this book – but that’s me, may be different for you – if you found something useful for you from my summary, feel free to check the book out yourself through my affiliate link down below at no additional cost to you – it’s about $5 on Amazon.

That’s it!

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