Who Are We? Why Effort4Success?

Hello and welcome everyone!

Have you ever listened to motivational speakers before?

Eric Thomas? Jim Rohn? Earl Nightingale?

They give some good information and thoughtful insight, don’t they?!

Make you think about something in a completely different way and finally get the point.

That’s what this blog is about – looking at success and seeing how you can achieve it in different ways.

But that is not all – this blog also contains a lot of ‘how-to’s’ to important tools necessary for affiliate marketing, such as Clickfunnels (for creating your websites), Clickmagick (for tracking your sales), or GetResponse (for creating an e-mail list).

I have also created videos on YouTube to go along with most of the videos, so you don’t only have to read, but can also watch!!

In regards to the name, I am a strong believer that if you do the best you can, success will come.

As Jim Rohn once said:

“… just do the best that you can, and God will see to it that you’re alright. If you can only make $10,000 a year and that’s the best you can do, that’s enough. If it’s $100,000, great. If it’s $1,000,000, great. Doesn’t matter, as long as you do the best you possibly can”.


Now I am not saying effort is ALL you need for success. There are many factors that go into reaching your goals – persistence, adaptability, positive attitude among many others.

But I believe that all these additional factors are INCLUDED in the definition of “effort”.

If you really want to achieve a goal and you don’t persist and do absolutely NOTHING towards achieving it… no matter how “lucky” you get, you will not reach that goal (assuming the goal is more complicated and doesn’t depend purely on good luck).

And subsequently… if you don’t do anything to achieve that goal… that means you are not putting in any effort towards achieving it!

So in my definition, effort is an all-encompassing action that includes every necessary action to become successful (such as perseverance or positive mindset).

For this reason my friends, the name of the site and blog is effort4success… to symbolize that your effort will reward you with the success you seek, whether it be now, or in the long-run.

Hope you enjoy the articles that are yet to come and find yourself motivated to succeed no matter what!

Talk soon,


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