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Google Ads: How to Segment Conversions

by Ivan

Hey all! In this video, I quickly go over how to segment conversions in Google Ads campaigns so that you can see all the different types of conversions that each campaign generated.

So let’s suppose you have a conversion that tracks optin, tracks sales of products A, B, and C, and a conversion that tracks phone calls to a number – all on the same exact campaign. How are you able to see ALL 5 of these conversions under the same campaign in Google?

It’s simple – just click on the “segment by Conversion Action” and that’s it! You will start to see all the different conversions compiled under one campaign/keyword/ad group, you name it.

That way you will be able to do more efficient ROI calculations as you will be able to see which campaigns generated the more important conversions, such as purchases.

That’s it!

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