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How to Create a ClickBank Order Form Affiliate Link (Bypass Vendor Sales Page)

by Ivan

Hey all! In this video, I show you how to create your affiliate order form link for ClickBank so that you can bypass the vendor sales page and take people directly to the purchase button. Here is the link to the article I am referring to throughout the video:


There are 2 important things I’d like to mention however before getting straight into it:

1) Watch the video in full because in addition to creating this link, you also need to add a ‘cookie’ to your landing page so that you get full credit for the sale.

2) Ask the vendor if you are allowed to send people to the order form page first – some vendors don’t give you the order form page affiliate link on the affiliate resources page for a reason – they want traffic to see their personal sales page first before buying.

So make sure you ask them if the link is not give so you are not breaking any rules.

With that out of the way, we can get started.

Before we begin, you do need to make sure you have some sort of redirect extension on your browser – whether it’s the Redirect Path on Chrome, or Link Redirect Trace on Firefox – you need something to tell you what redirects happened so we can get the vendor ID from it.

The first thing you will need to do is copy and paste the link from the site I attached into a notepad.

That link looks like this:


As you can see, we need 3 components for this order form link to be finalized.

The first is the item ID of the specific product you want to promote.

The second is your own ClickBank affiliate ID, and the third is the vendor ID.

The affiliate ID is super simple – just replace the ‘AFFILIATE’ part of that link to your ClickBank affiliate ID.

So your link should now look something like:


Where ‘ivanyoutube’ is my ClickBank user ID.

Next, we need to find the item # and the vendor product ID.

This is where the redirect path tool comes in handy.

Select any product you want from the ClickBank marketplace and click on it (not the affiliate resources, but the actual product).

You should be redirected through a generic affiliate link to the actual sales page.

The generic link would look something like ‘www.zzzzz.how2sing.hop.etc…’

The ‘how2sing’ in this case is the affiliate vendor product ID That is what you would plug in to the vendor ID slot in your link. You would use the redirect path extension to see all the redirects and pinpoint this exact word in the link.

So now your link should look something like:


Last but not least, you need the item ID #.

This is the specific ID number of the product you want to promote.

You find this number by clicking on the button on the sales page to the order form page. On that order form page, you are looking for the word ‘item’ or ‘cbitems’ and the number that comes after that is the item ID.

That is the number you would plug into the URL to finalize your affiliate link to the order form page.

So if the ID number is ‘1’, then you would sub the ‘ITEM’ in the link out with the ‘1’, so it looks like this:


And that’s it for this part!

But now that your order form link is done, you’re not done – now you need to add a ‘cookie’ to your landing page so that other affiliates who exposed your traffic to the product first don’t get credit for the sale.

In the URL I linked at the start, you need to copy either the iframe or the image pixel code, and place it before the ending body tag of your site. In ClickFunnels, that would be in the footer section of the page.

But once you do that, you are good to go!

That’s it!

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