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How to Direct Link Affiliate Products on Google Ads Without Getting Disapproved

by Ivan

Links shown in the video:

Link to ClickMagick FAQ with the Google Ads tokens: https://www.clickmagick.com/faqs.cgi?faq=134

Link to Google Ads support document: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/6305348

Link to trackingtokens.com website (*note: some of the information here is outdated, such as showing the {adid} token for Google where it in fact doesn’t work in Google ads): https://trackingtokens.com/adwords-tokens/

Hey all!

In this video, I show you how you can direct link affiliate products on Google ads without getting disapproved due to the nasty affiliate link!

If you watched my previous video I made a year or so ago about direct linking with Bing, you may have wondered if you could do the same with Google, and when you tried, faced some difficulties.

Google is not very affiliate-friendly, and sometimes it’s hard for affiliates to promote their products online.

However if you use a third-party tracking tool like ClickMagick in my case, this process becomes far easier and direct linking isn’t a challenge anymore on Google ads.

The basic idea is simple – use the tracking link given to you and add it into the tracking template along with any tokens you want, such as {keyword} or {campaignid} for example, which will pre-populate as you start sending traffic and will show you exactly what generated the clicks/conversions.

For the final URL however, you enter the exact URL displayed at the top of your URL bar when clicking on your affiliate link.

So you don’t want to enter the actual affiliate link anywhere in the ad at all, as it will get disapproved, but rather the tracking link generated via ClickMagick which will then send people to your affiliate link.

If your tracking link isn’t secure and you’re concerned about that, you can simply add the “s” to the “http” and it will become secure, simple as that.

You also don’t need to use cloaking or a custom tracking domain at all for this, so that definitely simplifies the process for you.

However – this won’t work for you if the product you are promoting is bad/against Google’s terms.

This method will help you promote good products which would get otherwise declined due to the nasty affiliate link given (which is sometimes the case).

But that’s it!

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Matt August 1, 2019 - 2:39 pm

Hello Ivan,
I was recently reading this blog post (and watched the video) about using clickmagick to directly market affiliate links in Google Ads. Everything seems to be going well, however there is something strange happening that maybe you have an explanation to.
I have recently received 3 clicks in the past 2 days from my Google Ads campaign, however I have received about 15 clicks for my affiliate campaign, as reported to me by my affiliate platform, MaxBounty.
I also watched your video on parallel tracking and could understand why my campaign report would show 6 clicks (because of the 3 Google Ads clicks), but I have no idea why it is reporting so many clicks to me. Even clickmagick is only reporting 3 clicks.
I am directly marketing an affiliate link on Google Ads and thus do not have a landing page of my own that I have published, so I should not be getting any organic traffic from a search, right?

Any thoughts?

Ivan August 1, 2019 - 11:48 pm

Hey Matt!

I noticed that these affiliate networks also misrepresent and have way more clicks than other systems show.

In your case, I would trust Google and ClickMagick, especially since they match, is a great sign.

Why do the networks show so many clicks?

Could be a variety of reasons – such as the network bots crawling your URL, so they accessed your URL not through the ClickMagick tracking link, but just the URL that MaxBounty gave you itself.

It could also be repeat customers who clicked on your ads multiple times that Google detects and deletes, thus not charging you for these duplicate clicks, but MaxBounty does not.

A combination of these factors could lead to the exaggeration in clicks in your MaxBounty account, but should be nothing to worry about as it’s completely normal and happens to me too – most likely and usually bots.

Hope this helps!

Dmitriy January 8, 2020 - 2:41 pm

Hi Ivan,

Thanks for the video. What would be considered a good product that’s in line with google terms? Does it need some specific pages in them? Or maybe specific lingo? For example, something like Teds Woodworking or maybe Rocket Spanish. I not talking about weight loss, muscle building or make money online niches.

Ivan January 9, 2020 - 6:39 pm

Hey Dmitriy!

Yeah, so nothing specific, but you have it right – as long as it’s not weight loss, making money online, dating, etc.. things where people’s emotions basically overtake their logic and can be abused by advertisers… Google is very strict about.

Ted’s Woodworking or Rocket Spanish are terrific products for Google and should not be disapproved if your ad/landing page is in line with their policies, but you shouldn’t have a hard time getting that to work.

No specific lingo to pages, but as you said, nothing that pertains to health, dating or online money making should do the trick.


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