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How to Set Up Your Autoresponder

by Ivan

Welcome back!

In this post, I show you how you can set up your first autoresponder on GetResponse!

As mentioned in our previous post, where I talked about GetResponse and its 4 awesome features, these autoresponders are automatic emails that are sent out to your subscribers on days that you specify after they subscribe on your landing page. You basically pre-write emails beforehand and just watch them all send themselves out!

If you also don’t have a landing page, check out this post, where I show you how I create my own landing page on ClickFunnels from scratch from a random ClickBank product!

To start off with our autoresponders however, we need to create a new campaign.

1. Click ‘create campaign’ at the top right of your page in GetResponse in the drop-down menu where it says ‘your current campaign’.

How to set up your autoresponder on getresponse

2. Name your new campaign and click ‘create campaign’. These names are stored in the GetResponse database, so you MAY have a name that is already taken by someone else. Not to worry – simply pick another name for your campaign or add some underscores or numbers to it. In our example, the campaign name ‘diabetes’ was taken, so we decided to name our campaign ‘_diabetes1_’.

How to Set Up Your Autoresponder in GetResponse

3. So now we have created our campaign. Our next step is to click on ‘messages’ at the top and select ‘create autoresponder’.

How to Set Up Your Autoresponder in GetResponse

4. Keep the option on ‘time-based’. Select the day you want to set up your autoresponder on. Day 0 means on the day the person subscribes to your list, and you can either send the email right away, after a few hours, or before a certain deadline time. You can also choose whether you want to send out emails during any days of the week in particular and leave out the other days. After you scroll to the bottom, click on ‘create new email’.

How to Set Up Your Autoresponder on GetResponse

5. Put in a name to remember this message by at the top in the ‘message name’ field, and put in the name that you subscribers will see in the ‘subject’ field. Create something catchy, since subscribers will click on this based on 2 things – who the email is coming from, and what the title is. When you are done, click on ‘next step’.

I would also recommend setting up your own private email and making the email come from there, since if it’s coming from a free email like yahoo or gmail, it may immediately land in the spam folder. We will do this using Namecheap in one of our future posts.

You can also personalize the email by adding the subscriber’s full name, first name, or last name. You can do that by typing in double square brackets, followed by what it is you want to address them by, and then closing the brackets. So if I wanted to address my subscribers by their first name, I would say something like ‘Hey [[firstname]], here is the email!’.

How to Set Up Your Autoresponder on GetResponse

6. Select a template you want to have for your autoresponder. You can either select from one of the categories, or make one completely from scratch, and even have no pictures or template at all.

How to Set Up Your Autoresponder in GetResponse

7. Make the necessary changes to your email and then click on ‘next step’.

How to Set Up Your Autoresponder in GetResponse

8. Now that you have finished your autoresponder for that day, you can click on ‘save and publish’!

How to set up autoresponder on GetResponse

That is it! You have finished your autoresponder for that day, and just repeat the exact same process to create additional emails for the other days as well.

how to set up autoresponder in getresponse

One other thing I would recommend doing is going back on your ‘dashboard’ at the top, and then clicking the little gear icon next to your campaign.

Click on the ‘permissions’ tab, and if you want to avoid having a confirmation email sent out to subscribers, UNCHECK the 3 boxes that are there – ’email subscriptions’, ‘web subscriptions’, and ‘API subscriptions’.

This will make it easier for your subscribers to be involved with you since they don’t have to click another button to be on your list.

Alternatively, by setting up a confirmation email before they join your list, you separate the serious subscribers from the one-time ones, so it may be a good idea to keep the checkboxes as they are.

If you do decide to send out a confirmation email before people officially join your list, you can customize your message subject by clicking ‘custom subject’, and you can customize your message by clicking ‘customize confirmation message’.

Now you should be all set and ready to go!

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Thanks for reading and stay tuned for our future posts where we dig deeper into other affiliate marketing tools!

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