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How to Stay Focused Tip #3: Why You Should Keep a Journal

by Ivan

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This is a part of my focus video series. If you haven’t seen my focus tips #1 and #2, make sure to check them out as well.

In the book ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion’, we learned that one of the psychological principles we can use to sell is commitment.

Written commitment is far stronger than verbal.

With verbal commitment, we can not only make excuses to others for why we did or said what we did, but we can also make excuses to ourselves…

With verbal commitments, it’s easy to disregard the importance of what we promised.

Ever experienced that? You promised to hit a certain goal or do something by a certain time verbally, but when you failed, you didn’t care much – you just kept going and made new promises – no big deal, right? So how can we stay focused and be accountable for what we promise?

Focus tip #3: Keep a written journal.

I first heard about this from Jim Rohn, a successful entrepreneur who first mentioned this idea in an audio program I bought that my father gave me.

He said the only way to stay accountable for our actions is to write everything down. This has benefited me in multiple ways…

1. I started focusing on the important tasks. The biggest difference this had on me is that I went from playing video games literally 12 hours a day to working on my affiliate marketing 12 hours a day. By writing down that I was playing video games for 12 hours a day, I literally saw just how much time I was wasting – time was no longer an intangible object – it was written in stone and I could SEE it get lost.

2. I no longer made excuses to myself for doing something or failing to do something. Once I had something written down, I took everything I did far more seriously. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself.

3. Every time I saw results and/or experienced a positive emotion and wrote it down, that stuck with me for a long time. Every time I was about to quit or doubt my progress, I remember what I wrote about my positive results and kept going. Same with negative experiences and results. After literally witnessing the effects it had on me from a third person perspective, I stopped participating in those actions.

I started off by writing down my big goal, and then recording pretty much my every move in my journal.

I wrote down my thoughts, feelings, and ideas. It had an ASTONISHING effect. I literally saw my feelings on paper and could no longer escape them and make excuses.

When I wrote that ‘I felt bad and wasting time’ playing video games numerous times, I literally stopped doing that.

When I wrote that ‘I feel very good and see results as I’m working on my marketing’, I kept on doing that instead.

Keeping a journal was a lifechanger for me. It shifted from my focus from what wasn’t relevant to what was.

As I had emotions and feelings written down in stone, I changed my approach to simply keeping track of my actions and the times I took them. At times though, I did record my successes, and that motivated me to keep going and remember those checkpoints.

I no longer needed to write down my emotions – those were already embedded in me and I had proof of how I felt – so I only needed to keep track of what time I did what so I knew I wasn’t drifting in the wrong direction again.

When I noticed that I was spending too much time playing video games, I remembered all the thoughts and emotions I had when I was doing so, so I stopped and shifted my focus.

When I noticed I was spending a good amount of time learning and engaging in valuable activities, I remembered the positive emotions associated with that and kept doing it.

In conclusion, keeping a journal helps you shift focus from what’s irrelevant to what really matters for your goals, thus keeping your focus on that.

That’s it!

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