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In this video, I share with you a super awesome resource I use to improve my email, funnel, and overall online marketing performance –

Here is a link to their YouTube channel as well:

It is a group of marketing researchers who perform tests and run split tests to determine what aspect of a particular marketing element, ie. email/landing page/ad copy, etc… converts better than another. In every video, they start off by asking you what YOU think would convert better to test your initial skill level and see where you stand. This is a video recording, but they are extremely engaging and make sure that you have the time to participate and think out an answer. You actually learn much, much better this way.

They then tell you what would actually convert better, give you statistical proof, and keep going until they go through several more examples to illustrate their points. They end off each video with a copy of test material that a viewer like me or you actually sent in to be revised and looked at by them. This is also something you can do by just sending them a copy of whatever it is you want to have suggestions on, and your copy may be featured in their next video!

Because there is such an incredible amount of information here (over 200 videos), I like to increase the speed at which I go through the videos, usually putting the speed to about 1.5x or 2x.

The way I use this is actually by implementing everything I learn right away, and then coming back after seeing the results of the implementation and learning more. Keep doing that several times and you should be running successful campaigns in no time!

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