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Hello there!

If you have gone through my videos and are still lost and need some help in any particular area, you can hire me to do all the technical work for you.

***PLEASE NOTE – I CANNOT offer any assistance on CSS, HTML, or any other programming/coding-related inquiries!!

Simply fill in the contact form down below letting me know what service you need done and I will reply to you within 12-24 hours.


I charge $180 USD per hour, transferred via PayPal. Regardless of what you ask of me to do, a minimum payment of $45 USD is required, which would also cover 15 minutes of my work for you.

So if it takes me 10 minutes to complete your task, the total cost for you would be $45 USD. If it takes me 16 minutes to complete your task, the total cost for you would be $48 USD ($45 + $3).

How It Works:

As proof of how much time it took me to finish your work, and to provide you with more value, I send you a video explaining every step I took to complete your task.

If you prefer that I send a video simply completing your task without any explanations, I can do that as well – just let me know.

But I find explanations are useful for YOU in the long term so that you can understand every step I took and do whatever you need next time yourself – without needing anyone else to do it for you!

How Can You Help Me?

As mentioned, I can do anything that I covered in my videos – all the technical bits and pieces that you are unsure about and need in order to create websites, track your funnels, or send out important emails.

If you find that you are following my videos exactly but still see something not working, I can go into your account myself and help investigate and solve the issue.

To give you a rough idea of what I offer, here is a list specific to the areas shown on this site:


    • Create a full funnel for you depending on whatever product/service you are selling/offering, be it a sales funnel, book funnel, membership funnel, etc… which can include a landing page, thank you page, sales page, upsell page, order form, etc…
    • Input Facebook and/or third party tracking pixels on your necessary funnel pages to track conversions
    • Identify and provide some recommendations for why your funnel is not converting as well as it could
    • Setup any small aspects, such as clickpops, third party timers, split testing, etc…
    • Provide guidance and support as you build out your own funnel if you prefer to make one yourself and learn while at it – I will stay with you live or over the phone as we build a funnel together and make sure you are doing everything properly and you find everything you need


      • Setup your tracking links for any links you want to track
      • Setup tracking links and input pixels on pages you DO NOT CONTROL
      • Setup action, engagement, and sales pixels so that you can track an entire funnel
      • Setup MagickPops, MagickBars, and Timers
      • Setup postback URL links so that you can track sales from affiliate networks, such as ClickBank, PeerFly, and MaxBounty
      • Setup a custom domain for you to use within ClickMagick


        • Setup your autoresponder sequence as per your instructions for what you want written on what day
        • Provide advice on your current autoresponder sequence if you already have one, and if there are elements I would add/subtract from your existing sequence to maximize conversions
        • If you wish to create your own autoresponder sequence and simply want someone to be there as you do it, I can stay with you and guide you are we create the sequence together, making sure you find everything you need and do everything so it properly works

        Google AdWords (Google AdWords Certified)/Facebook Ads/Bing Ads:

          • Setup your campaigns from scratch. As long as you have an account, I can create any campaign for you depending on what you are looking for
          • Setup pixels and conversion codes for you so you can track your conversions within these networks themselves
          • Identify room for improvement in your existing campaigns and offer recommendations for what can be improved to maximize conversions
          • Create additions to your ads, in particular sitelinks, structured snippet extensions, callout extensions, etc… (applies mostly to Google and Bing Ads)
          • Create multiple campaigns, ad sets within each campaign, and ads within each ad group coupled with a variety of keywords to test the optimal ad group that would maximize conversions for each campaign
          • If you prefer to make your own campaigns, I can stay with you and guide you through the process to ensure you are doing everything correctly and find everything you need

          These are some of the basic ‘core’ services I offer. If you are looking for something different either discussed in the videos or NOT discussed in the videos, send me an email and I will let you know whether it can be done or not and at what price.

          Please fill out this contact form and let me know what you are looking for:

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