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Step-by-Step Tutorial to Making a FREE T-Shirt Mockup (Using Google and Photoshop)

by Ivan

Making our sample Photoshop design: 3:37

Looking for a shirt on Google: 6:59

Placing/editing shirt in Photoshop: 9:00

A few last edits: 13:10

Hey all!

In this video, I go over with you step-by-step as we create a T-shirt mockup for your T-shirt campaigns. This can be used for any website you are using to sell T-shirts online, whether it’s Teespring, Sunfrog, or mydreamstore.

A mockup is super useful because it shows your design on the shirt as it’s being worn immediately on the shirt and/or on a real human.

Just makes your design look that much more Professional!

If you use Facebook and scroll through your newsfeed, you may have seen a bunch of T-shirt ads by now… and if you notice, a solid 99% of them have either the design on the shirt already shown, or have a picture of man/woman wearing that shirt with the design. That’s exactly what we are doing here.

I am using Photoshop and Google to get this done, so all you need is access to the internet, Google, and Photoshop… If you are in online marketing and don’t have Photoshop, I would strongly recommend you do as I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have used it in my projects – whether it’s landing pages, T-shirts, or images on a sales page.

What we do here to create a mockup is essentially find a picture of a man/woman wearing a shirt on Google and then copy and paste that shirt into Photoshop. We crop that picture and include only the most relevant parts before pasting our design right on top of it to finish our mockup.

I create a separate folder for each of my Teespring campaigns to stay organized and just pile everything in each of those folders. So everything you save by following the process in this video, insert into a folder specific to that campaign.

After you finish placing your design on top of your T-shirt, the mockup is pretty much complete. There are a few things we can do to make the overall picture more appealing though, such as making the background yellow and adding red borders around it. You can play around with the colors, but I found this combination is appealing and eye-catching.

When you finish, just save your design as a Photoshop template and as a JPEG file so that you can include this in your ads. You would need a 1200×1200 picture for page post engagement ads and a 1200×678 ad for regular Facebook ads, so I usually save both copies of the picture just in case I use both.

That’s it! You are now ready to use this design in your Facebook ads!

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