My Clickmagick Was an Absolute Mess and Ivan Straightened Me Out!

I have been watching Ivan’s YouTube channel for a couple years now as he always provides the info that I’m looking for. I was struggling with my Clickmagick Tracking and was down to needing some 1-on-1 assistance. I decided to hit up Ivan and he showed me his Services that he provided through his website. I immediately setup an appointment with him and he was readily available and within a few messages back and forth, we were live 1-on-1 just as I needed! If you don’t know Ivan’s content, he is very methodical and particular about how he teaches his content which makes it very understandable. It’s even better in person! He got me fixed up in 15 minutes but we did a 1 hour Zoom session and he got me back on track (No pun intended 🙂 ) with full understanding so I could duplicate things again and again. Ivan’s services are highly recommended and pricing is very reasonable, yet they are priceless. His 1-on-1 assistance will pay for itself immediately. Ivan is very professional and very kind and it was a pleasure working with him. He is the kind of person you want to have in your life ☺

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