No One Responded Except Ivan… Definitely Work With Him Again

I was frustrated, annoyed, and wiped out after having tons of trouble with the technical side of things on my business for DAYS. I reached out to several people, but no one responded to me except Ivan (which was pretty fast as it was the same day). He got back to me telling me that he’d be more than happy to help me out and he even went as far as doing a video call! I thought that was pretty cool. I figured we would just email each other and he would just answer my questions. Nope. He took it to the next level. Within 10 minutes of our call, he figured out the problem that I couldn’t figure out for TWO DAYS! Now, I’m not very good at this online stuff, but he was patient with me and helped me out every step of the way! I would definitely work with him again as he’s not only helpful, he’s full of knowledge about the technical side (backend stuff) and marketing.

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