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Unbounce: How to Add Video to Unbounce

by Ivan

Hey all! In this video, I show you how to add a video to Unbounce.

The only way to do this is to “embed” the video code into the embed video element in Unbounce. So if you want to add a video, look for the embed code as the first step.

However one thing I like about adding videos in Unbounce as opposed to ClickFunnels is that you can control the size of the video much easier in Unbounce. In ClickFunnels, you have to change up the dimensions manually which can get tedious.

In our video, we use YouTube as an example and click on “share”, then “embed” to get the embed code. You would paste it into the Unbounce code section and watch the magic happen.

There aren’t many options available when it comes to customizing your videos, so that is really as far as you can go – setting to autoplay will not autoplay on Chrome & Firefox, and you probably won’t want to auto-start the video at a specific time other than 0 seconds.

Just so you know however, if you do want to autoplay the Unbounce video, you would need to add “?autoplay=1” or “&autoplay=1” to your video if it already has a query string added, and that would autoplay the video when the page loads.

If you want the video to start at a specific time, you would add “?start=xxx” or “&start=xxx” if your video already has a query string added, where xxx shows the number of seconds in the video you want to start.

What you can easily customize though when adding the video in Unbounce is the border around the video. You can’t really add the border by adding code to the video embed code, but you can simply add a rectangle or square behind the video and make that as the “border”. This is the same thing we used in one of our previous videos when creating a “subsection”.

That’s it!

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