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What Is GetResponse?

by Ivan

Welcome back everyone!

In this post, I just wanted to start providing a brief overview of another affiliate marketing essential – GetResponse.

What is GetResponse?

It’s a software that has many email related benefits, but mainly it allows you to send autoresponder email sequences so you don’t have to write a ton of messages to each of your subscribers manually! This means that you can basically pre-write a ton of emails and set it up in a way that sends them out on days that you want your subscribers to receive them.

As we discussed in one of our previous posts where we built our landing page on ClickFunnels (click here to go to that post!), once people provide you their name and email on your landing page, you need to do something with that information.

This is where GetResponse comes in.

With this software, you will be able to send automated emails to people who sign up to your list and provide them additional value so that perhaps they will want to buy your product.

You could send them e-mails in the form of newsletters like ‘How to Do This in 3 Steps’, etc… whatever it is that relates to that list of subscribers.

There are 4 big things I really like about GetResponse, and I wanted to share those with you here.

1) The most obvious – GetResponse allows you to create easy-to-make autoresponder sequences so that you don’t have to wake up every morning creating emails for your subscribers…

You can have up to 103 days of autoresponder chains set up, and you can send out these emails daily, every other day, once a week, WHATEVER. Any distance between the days you want to maintain, you can.

What is GetResponse?

2) This feature is totally AWESOME – automation workflows that allow you to create conditional actions, such as ‘if a person clicks this message, send him this message’, etc… Extremely useful tool, especially if someone from your list BOUGHT your item and needs to be removed from the list!

Or if you want to separate your list even more into more categories.

For example, if you are selling a diet plan, you can still separate your customers into further segments, such as those that respond best to your ‘fat-loss’ foods, or those that prefer a rigid workout rather than the right foods. You can then accordingly send those people the emails that are more closely related to what they actually WANT! – extremely effective!

What is GetResponse?

3) Email analytics. This essentially TELLS you whether your emails are effective or not and what percentage of people actually open your emails and check the links.

As we discussed in our post on affiliate marketing, successful affiliate marketing requires perfection in several aspects – landing pages, ads, emails among several others.

These email analytics will allow you to track the effectiveness of your emails and see if anyone actually OPENS your emails and if anyone actually CLICKS the links within them!

If not – isn’t there something you should change in your emails so that people actually do what you want them to?

What is GetResponse?

4) Capability to create landing and thank you pages. You can use ClickFunnels to create your landing pages (click here to see our post on what is inside ClickFunnels!), but GetResponse has the capability to create landing and thank you pages as well.

Although ClickFunnels may have more customization available and allows for more than a landing and thank you page, if you are confident that a landing and thank you page is all you need and don’t need much customization, then by all means use GetResponse.

That way, you will be using one software for your contact conversion and maintenance, as well as creation of your landing pages.

what is GetResponse?

And there you have it! A brief explanation of what GetResponse is and how it can benefit you. Stay tuned for future posts as we continue with our affiliate marketing toolbox!

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Stay tuned as we dive deeper into GetResponse and review it’s awesome features!

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