What is the ClickFunnels Default Font?!

Hello hello! Last post, we talked about how to add borders to columns in multi-column rows.

So some of you may be asking why I did this simple post/video about FONTS.

I mean, who cares about fonts? Am I right?!

No, not quite!

Fonts CAN make or break your page if used properly or… improperly…

Clickfunnels default font

Unless you are selling Halloween clothes or cleavers… Don’t use this font for the buy button (it is called ‘butcher’ by the way). 🙂

As I was researching my fonts for my own landing page, I stumbled across some fonts that were EXACTLY the same as the default text that appears when creating a new button or headline text, etc…

Here are the 3 fonts that are EXACTLY THE SAME as the default font:

1) Buda

2) Open Sans (Condensed)

3) UnifrakturCook

Here are the 3 fonts that are EXTRA-ORDINARILY SIMILAR to the default fonts – only differences being like a millimeter of a millimeter shift from the default position…

1) Battembang

2) Bayon

3) Bokor

That’s about it for this post! Check out our next post where I briefly talk about the 3 ways you can quickly and easily change your video size on ClickFunnels.

If you like ClickFunnels and want to learn more, or try out the free 14-day trial, click my affiliate link down below:


Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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